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About Me

Tis Spring!!

David Ward was a long-serving member of the Department of Philosophy. A graduate of the University of Toronto, who did his doctorate at King’s College London, he was appointed in 1969  and retired in 2005. He now styles himself as a ‘gentleman and scholar’. He is notable for his sunny temperament and his passion for philosophy in general and Kant in particular, running a successful and popular course on Kant for many years. Feeling in a good mood one morning, I accosted him in the corridor. ‘Hallo Lucky!’ I said. David caught on immediately. ‘You mean because I get to teach philosophy?’ ‘Exactly’ I replied. Though not even David enjoyed every moment of it, for him teaching philosophy (like golf, skating and many other activities) was a blast, and he had a gift for communicating his enthusiasm to the students. All his papers are, as he says, ‘one-offs’ in the sense that there never was any particular theme that he worked on, just whatever caught his fancy, though the Kantian influence often shines through with such titles as ‘Naturalizing Kant’, ‘Explaining Evil Behaviour: Using Kant and M. Scott Peck to Solve the Puzzle of Understanding the Moral Psychology of Evil People’ and ‘Explaining agency via Kant and Spinoza’. He has a book Morality and Agency (1988), co-authored with his former student, Robyn McPhail.